“We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Letcom Letting Agents Basingstoke”, “Letcom” refers to Letcom Ltd.

“Landlord(s)”, “You”, “Your”, refers to the named applicant requesting our letting service.

“Tenant(s)”, refers to the person seeking to habit the landlords’ property.

The use of the LETCOM Marketing Online Service on the website is subject to the terms and conditions set out by us. In using our website and the Marketing Online service you agree to adhere to our terms and conditions laid out here.

Important Note: In registering your property with us or by ticking the relevant terms and conditions box within the registration page of our website you the landlord agree that;

  • You have fully understood the Marketing Online service that we provide.
  • You agree that our Marketing Online is satisfactory for meeting your needs.
  • You agree to pay in full for the Marketing Online service and understand that no tenant enquiries will be given to you until payment is received.
  • You have fully understood and agree to all aspects within our Terms and Conditions.
  • You agree to use our Marketing Online service as a private landlord only and not as a letting agent or estate agent. Note: If you are a private landlord looking to tenant your own properties and operate as a company i.e. ABC Properties Ltd you are not deemed as acting as a letting agent or an estate agent.
  • You agree with and fully understand that if it is found that a registration/advertisement for any of our services is made by a letting agent or estate agent that the registration/advertisement will be immediately removed from our system and database and that no refund will be offered.
  • You agree that you have read and understood our privacy policy and that you accept our privacy policy in its entirety. Our Privacy Policy can be viewed at the following link

Registration Renewal Service

If a landlord wishes to renew the Marketing Online Service tenant find service the renewal must take place prior to the expiry date, which is 3 months from the initial registration date. LETCOM will send a reminder email but it is entirely the landlord’s responsibility to renew the Marketing Online Service in adequate time prior to expiry. To renew the service simply email LETCOM at with the details of the specific property that needs renewing. If a landlord does not receive the LETCOM reminder email for whatever reason, LETCOM is not to be held responsible for the property expiring without notice. In using the Marketing Online Service the landlord agrees that it is the landlord’s responsibility to keep track of how long a property has been placed within the Marketing Online Service and that the landlord will renew their property registration in good time if required.

Property Mis-description Act 1991

Letcom Ltd will update all website particulars at regular intervals and make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the advertised details produced are correct at all times. However it is entirely the landlords’ responsibility to make sure that all personal and property details held by us are correct and up to date. We hold no responsibility for any mis-descriptions that have been provided by the landlord. In agreeing to our terms and conditions the landlord accepts all responsibility for the advertising details produced within the Marketing Online service and all marketing resources used by us. If a landlord wishes to change any personal or property details they must do so in the first instance by stating the change to be made in writing either via email to or via post to; Letcom Property Agents, 1st Floor, 4 Winton Square, Basingstoke, Hants, RG21 8EN

Scam Registrations

If it is found that a property has been registered for any reason other than to find a prospective tenant, the property will be removed from the Marketing Online Service straight away and no refund will be offered. Letcom Ltd reserve the right to suspend any rental advert until further notice if it is deemed by Letcom Ltd that a registration has been placed within our services under misleading circumstances.


All fees that are chargeable by us for our Marketing Online Service are to be paid in full. It is understood by you the landlord that before any tenant enquiries are passed on to you payment for the Marketing Online Service must be received in full.

Payment for the Marketing Online Service is to be paid either by cheque, cash or internet banking. LETCOM bank details are:

Letcom Client Account
Sort Code: 309053

No service provision is currently available for a landlord to pay via credit card or debit card. We are not to be held liable for any damages or costs that may be incurred when a payment is made via internet banking.

Free Downloads Offered by Letcom Property Agents

All documents and forms offered by us are to be used as a guide only. Should the landlord or tenant wish to include further considerations within the documents that is entirely the responsibility of the landlord and tenant and not Letcom Ltd. We will not be held liable for failure of any part of any document download via the Letcom website.

Landlord & Tenant Disputes

All disputes that arise between a landlord and tenant that have used our Marketing Online service are to be resolved solely by the landlord and tenant. We hold no responsibility for any disagreements or disputes that may arise throughout a tenancy term. We may seek to advise both the landlord and tenant about their individual rights and may offer advice on certain aspects of legal proceedings but at no point are we to be deemed liable for any damages or expenses incurred due to a landlord/tenant dispute.


All viewings carried out within our Marketing Online Service are to be carried out by the Landlord and by appointment only.

Landlords’ Responsibilities (Marketing Online Service)

It is the landlords’ responsibility to insure that all of the following are adhered too:

  • A current landlord’s electrical safety certificate is in place.
  • A current landlord’s gas safety certificate is in place.
  • Where applicable the landlord must have permission from the mortgage lender to let out his/her property.
  • Adequate insurance is in place to cover all eventualities.
  • All furnishings within the landlords’ property pass Fire Safety regulations 1998.
  • All tax that is due from rental income is declared to the Inland Revenue no matter if the landlord is resident in the UK or overseas.
  • Where applicable standing order payments are arranged by the landlord to allow for rental payments by the tenant.
  • Where applicable a rent book is given to the tenant to register weekly rental payments.
  • All utility bills are transferred into the current tenants’ name.
  • Council tax payments are made by the current tenant.
  • The tenant(s) deposit has been placed in a suitable tenancy deposit scheme, or the landlord holds the tenant(s) deposit and has insured the tenant(s) deposit via a suitable tenancy deposit scheme.
  • A suitable energy certificate is in place and is presented to the tenant in adequate time with all property particulars.
  • If applicable, to meet all the legal requirements and safety regulations for an HMO property.

Reproduction of Material

All material contained within this website is not to be copied without consent from Letcom Ltd. All properties contained within the Letcom website are properties that are actively marketed by us and are not to be copied and displayed by any other agent or private individual.


In no way are the owners of our website or any company or person linked to us to be held liable for any damages incurred which could be attributed to our website.

Internal Links

Letcom Ltd are not responsible for the integrity of any links that are displayed within this web site.


Comments left by landlords will be used throughout the Letcom Website and maybe published within our partner websites. Note: A published testimonial will only offer the actual testimonial and will not offer the landlords contact detail unless requested.

Internal Adverts From Outside Companies

The adverts that are displayed within the Letcom Ltd web site and marketing material produced by us are intended to promote a selection of services to landlords. Whilst we promotes services from companies other than the services we provide, we do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage incurred whilst using the services that are advertised within this web site.

Editing and Deletions

If a landlord wishes to amend any details about their property or personal particulars please email all amendments to in the first instance. All amendments will be activated in 24 hours of processing the landlords email request.
If a landlord wishes to remove an advert from our Marketing Online Service this can be carried out by emailing the rental address and/or the reference number to clearly stating within the email that the advert is to be removed. Landlords may also call 01256 465300.

Property Portal Loading System

If a property has not been displayed our partners websites e.g. Rightmove within 4 hours please call 01256 465300 or email in the first instance. We do not accept liability for any of our partner sites who are experiencing technical difficulties. We have no control over the speed that our partners repair their technical faults and do not accept any liability for a property that has not been displayed due to an error that is out of our control.

Property Portals

Should any of our partner sites experience any technical difficulties throughout their business or website and be unable to showcase our properties as they normally would we are not to be held responsible. If for whatever reason LETCOM are no longer able to advertise a landlords rental property via any of our partner sites (property portals) LETCOM are not to be held responsible and no refund will be offered to the landlord under any circumstances.
If you encounter any problems with any of our partners’ websites please call 01256 465300 or email in the first instance.

Rental Property Postcodes

When a registration is sent to our list of partner sites the correct postcode must be included within the information that is sent. If it is found that an incorrect postcode or a postcode that is not registered with the Royal Mail has been sent to our partners websites the postcode and the property will be rejected from the partners website and the property will be excluded from advertising until the postcode is deemed as correct by the particular website or the postcode can be found within a Royal Mail search. Letcom Ltd are not responsible for the rejection of any property registration due to the incorrect or unregistered postcode that has been given by a landlord. All of our advertising websites/portals locate the exact location of a rental property by the postcode of the property. Our advertising websites/portals have the final say on where a property is located, and within what property searches individual rental properties will show. This judgement is made by our advertising websites/portals using their own map facilities and the postcode offered by Letcom Ltd. At no time are Letcom Ltd to be held responsible for an individual rental property not showing in the desired area search due to our advertising websites/portals locating the individual rental property in an area outside the preferred location.

Refund Policy

No refund will be given where a landlord has been unsuccessful in securing a tenant for a specific property that has been marketed via LETCOM’s Marketing Online Service

If you are a letting agent or estate agent and you have registered for any of our services either in error or by trying to mislead us into believing that you are a private landlord you will not be offered a refund. All letting agents or estate agents properties that have been registered either in error or by trying to mislead us into believing that the registration has been placed by a private landlord, will be removed from our site and our list of partner sites immediately. If you feel that we have judged you as a letting agent or estate agent unfairly please email your concern to


As part of the LETCOM marketing program LETCOM will send out newsletters and offers to landlords who have registered for the LETCOM newsletter/promotional offer or signed up to use the LETCOM service and/or website. In accepting the LETCOM Ltd terms and conditions you the landlord agree to allow LETCOM to send out via email a newsletter and/or post marketing material promoting LETCOM and special offers offered by companies other than LETCOM. Discount Letting will regularly call landlords to offer assistance and advice and aim to keep landlords up to date with any promotional offers.

We reserve the right to change our terms and conditions without prior notice.

LETCOM LTD Registration Number 03802447 Telephone Enquires: 01256 465300 Email Enquiries:


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