You Think Selling a Home is Easy? Think Again!

In this day and age, it is easy to believe that selling a home is straightforward. All you need is some photos and a floorplan, right? Well, that depends. Is your property ready for sale? Are you prepared to take all the calls and carry out the viewings? Do you want to realise the full value for your property? Selling can be easy, but achieving the best result can be hard. So, here’s our house sellers guide to help property sellers, like you.

Home ValuationValuation

What is your home worth? Or, more pertinently, what could it be sold for?

Every owner needs an accurate valuation of their property in order to understand these fundamental questions which will affect not just your sale, but wherever you move to as well. There are some ways in which you can do some research: look at similar properties for sale, but be warned that most houses on the market go for about 90-95% of asking price – then there are regional variations. You can look at the land registry and see what local homes have sold for: but what condition were they in, and what was the urgency of sale?

But, to sell you need to get a valuation done, and the best route is to talk to local experts, such as the team at Jacobs. We’re happy to come and visit you, with no obligation, and talk to you about what we believe your house would sell for should it be put on the market.

selecting a property agencyChoosing the Right Sale Approach

There are more options than ever for homeowners to choose from. All the way from selling privately to using one from any number of estate agencies – both online and offline. The choice can be overwhelming but you need to consider what you want your involvement to be, because generally the less you do yourself, the more you will need someone else to do the work for you.

If you are not prepared to set the valuation, take photos, arrange floorplans, book viewings and negotiate with prospective buyers, then you will need an agent to do these critical jobs for you.

As with the valuation, it can be too easy just to cost of sale without recognising that a quality local agency should be able to realise a better price for you. Which is where Jacobs comes in – we have a number of pricing tiers depending on how much you want us to take on for you, and what you are willing to do yourself.

promoting your home for saleMarketing Your Property for Sale

There have never been as many ways in which to promote your home, with the range of local and national media, as well as the internet it’s important that your property is found.

More than that, your home has to be well presented – good imagery and descriptions can make a world of difference when it comes to persuading buyers to come and visit.

Floorplans are crucial for busy buyers to be able to ensure that the setup of your home works for them. Viewings can be wasted if, on turning up, they immediately realise the layout doesn’t work for them.

With Jacobs, we help you cover all your bases: national reach through online and locally through print, signage and advertising. We will even give you practical advice on how to make your home as presentable as possible for viewings.

managing home viewingsViewing Management

Unlike some local agencies, we offer you the choice. Will you take viewings or are we managing them for you?

Regardless of your choice, we are on your side and here are some tips for you.

When it comes to the outside of the building and the overall ‘kerb appeal’ you really need to work on the presentation of your home. You never know, your buyer may live in your street, but certainly when a For Sale sign does go up, the second glance is at the home. Make sure it looks good. If you have a garden then weed flowerbeds, mow lawns and tidy decks.

Inside, keep your property clean and clear. Not only is an untidy property unattractive, but the clutter makes the home feel smaller and ‘personalises’ it for you and your family. The discerning  house buyer will by trying imagine themselves living there, make it easy for them! If it is winter, keep the house warm, if summer open windows to keep it fresh.

Most importantly build a rapport with your buyers, make them feel welcome, this will pay dividends if they are interested in making an offer.

Negotiation with a Home BuyerNegotiating the Best Price

A good estate agent will help you with the negotiation of your property. Whilst you will have agreed a valuation, it is rare that you will immediately receive an offer of the asking price. Buyers will often see an initial offer as their base position.

Before you immediately reject or accept there are a number of important considerations we will think about before we act:

  • For how long has your property been on the market for
  • What is your eagerness to sell? Is there urgency right now?
  • Are there any other interested parties, possibly people you’ve already turned down?
  • How close is the offer to the asking price? How far could the gap be closed?
  • Are they paying in cash? Will it be an ‘easy’ sale?

With Jacobs we will never pressure you into accepting an offer, but will always advise you as best we can on what to do next. This is one of the most important decisions you will make, we want to make sure you make the most informed choice you can.

Conveyancing of a HomeAccepting an Offer: What Does This Mean?

Once you have in front of you an offer you are willing to accept for your home, then there are a couple of important considerations.

Firstly, you need to think about how you are going to ensure the sale concludes as smoothly as possible. You will need to appoint a solicitor, ideally they should be experienced in the local property market.

Secondly, you need to be preparing for your next move. If it involves a mortgage you should already be talking to your current mortgage advisor, understanding how much you need to borrow and which product best suits your needs. If you want to explore alternatives to your current mortgage, then we can help too.

house sale exchangeExchange of Contracts

Once both sides have agreed the sale price, and the buyer has received all the information needed relating to the property and any other outstanding issues and concerns have been concluded, then the next step is exchange of contracts.

Essentially this is where a non-refundable deposit is paid by the buyer as a down-payment for the property. This will be transferred to your solicitor to hold and both sides are legally committed to complete the transaction.

Normally the sale completion date will have been set between the two parties and the average time difference between exchange and completion is two weeks. So at this point you can now book the removals firm, start cancelling services on your current home and start the process of setting up new ones for your future new home. For utilities, particularly broadband, it is worth starting this process as quickly as possible.

Home Completion and Moving InCompletion and Moving Day

On completion day, the rest of the money is transferred to you, and you have now completed the sale of your home. The chances are you will be part of a chain and will be leaving your current home and moving somewhere new.

All being well, you will have packed and the final morning should be one last check – cupboards, garage, loft and anywhere else you may have left something. It’s your last chance to spot anything, and you may also have cleaners giving the house a once-over, or perhaps your buyers have arranged that. Take meter readings and any other details you want to take with you.

If you’re with us, you can then leave the keys with Jacobs and the new owners can collect them from us.

If you give us the opportunity, Jacobs can help you navigate all the above. Not only that, but we can fit in and around you with flexible terms where you can take as little or as much of the slack. We’re local, we’re industrious and we can help you achieve a successful sale. If you want a valuation of your home, or just a conversation then get in touch or give the sales team a call on 01256 781300.


We take our responsibilities seriously and keeping you safe is our priority. Our team is fully Covid trained to meet government guidelines where each visit means sanitizing hands, wearing masks, keeping distance, wiping down surfaces and confirming all parties are free of Covid symptoms. Working together will help to keep us all safe.

What if you are shielding or simply not comfortable with a physical property visit?

Not a problem! We have adapted our services and now offer an on-line virtual viewing and valuation service.

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