Why it is Important to Get Mortgage Advice

Almost every home purchase involves some kind of financing, and the most common finance for a home is a mortgage. Yet, many buyers go to their own bank first, and sometimes no further.

Whilst it is important to hear what a bank has to offer, you need to remember that they will only be outlining their own product offering and there is wide range of choice out there for the property buyer.

So, when you are considering your options, to give you the widest choice, we recommend you seek an independent expert you can trust. One that will be able to fully assess your current income and advise you on the best solution for you.

They should look at not just what you earn, but what you currently spend on both debt and day to day spending. Helping you find borrowing which is both affordable in terms of repayments as well as comparing with what you can afford to spend on a monthly basis.

At Jacobs, we always recommend you seek independent advice from a FCA regulated mortgage advisor to help you. If you need help, please call Sales on 01256 781300 or contact us through our website.

No Advice? You May Lose Out

For even a 5 year mortgage, being on the wrong plan can cost you thousands of pounds in overpayments, and sometimes also leave you with more debt at the end. Yet trying to compare all the options is incredibly time-consuming and it may be difficult to be really thorough in the time available for you.

So, it is worth your while finding a reliable advisor who can help you access all the different options available to help you find the borrowing that best suits your specific situation.

Furthermore because provisionally approved mortgages can get rejected at the final approval stage, it is important to have alternatives available just in case you need a ‘Plan B’.

Timing is Everything

It is never too early to see a mortgage advisor, certainly you should see one before you even consider making an offer on a house. In fact, to save you time, we recommend you talk to an advisor even before you start your search. Why? Because you need to know what you can afford. There’s nothing worse than finding the house of your dreams, only to discover it is out of reach.

We’ll Help You Every Step of the Way

Jacobs has established long term trusted relationships with key contacts, including mortgage advisers, sourcing agents and experts who can help with strategy. For further information, simply call and talk to the sales team on 01256 465 300.


We take our responsibilities seriously and keeping you safe is our priority. Our team is fully Covid trained to meet government guidelines where each visit means sanitizing hands, wearing masks, keeping distance, wiping down surfaces and confirming all parties are free of Covid symptoms. Working together will help to keep us all safe.

What if you are shielding or simply not comfortable with a physical property visit?

Not a problem! We have adapted our services and now offer an on-line virtual viewing and valuation service.

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