Renting is by far the easier option and if you are looking for a letting agent in Basingstoke contact us at Jacob Properties, we can show you just how simple the process can be.

Take away the pressure of trying to save a large deposit and just enjoy life. You won’t be surprised by emergency costs like a new boiler or roof because that is someone else’s problem, you get to enjoy your rental property with no stress. Find our letting agents on Rightmove or view some properties on this site.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors has recently reported that the volume of properties for sale has been falling and is currently at the lowest it has been for many years. The short supply of homes for sale will have a likely knock-on effect of pushing property values up even further in the coming months due to the imbalance between supply and demand.

Basingstoke, being a thriving town with plenty of job opportunities due to its huge retail sector and prominent electronics, pharmaceuticals and insurance industries, will really feel the full impact of this increase.

With this in mind, many are now deciding against buying a property and are looking at renting through letting agents in Basingstoke instead. Especially those moving for work who are not wanting to commit to purchasing a property while job security is still unknown.

Renting gives you the freedom that purchasing a house never can. In other European countries, renting is much more desired than in Britain. In Germany for example, one of Europe’s most economically successful countries, renting is the norm. While homeownership does seem to still be the ultimate goal here in Britain, more and more buyers are struggling to obtain the huge deposits required and are unable to get approved for a mortgage.

More and more people are ending up living with parents well into their thirties to achieve their ultimate goal and while that may be a comfortable situation for some, many find it is putting a real strain on their family relationships and social lives.

The lack of school places in certain areas is also very significant. Your postcode means everything and while this might not have been a top priority at one point, it can suddenly become a very important issue. Good schools increase property value in the local area and so renting is an affordable way of living within a school’s catchment area.

We at Jacobs Properties in Basingstoke can help you find the rental properties that ensure you can get your children into the best schools in the area.

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